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Visit Options Explained

We are available 24/7 365 days a week to care for your horse. We can offer a range of visits depending on your needs:

a. Zone visits- these visits do not incur a call out fee and can be used for routine, relatively quick procedures including blood samples, vaccinations, medication checks and in some situations re-check of ongoing conditions. We visit set zones on set days of the week e.g. Macclesfield is on our Thursday zone. We ring you the day before with an hours time slot for the vets arrival. You cannot request a specific time of day with a zone visit. If you need an exact time or date or a more in depth consultation/ procedure a normal visit may be more suitable. Zones can get booked up quickly so we encourage early booking. Please call the office to find out which day is your zone day.

b. Normal visit- this type of visit is for any condition/ procedure and is a paid visit. Common visits include initial lameness assessments, performing gastroscopy, sedating for farrier or dentist etc. We will book your horse in for a mutually convenient time and date with a set time of arrival allowing flexibility around your other commitments.

c. Same day or emergency day time appointments- these are for urgent visits which require to be seen on the day you ring up e.g. swollen eye, severely lame horse. These incur a slightly higher call out charge then a pre-planned normal visit.

d. After hours- any visits required after 5pm or before 8am on a week day or any hours on a weekend incur an emergency call out fee. These appointments are requested by ringing our normal day time number which takes you through to an answer phone service. They will take your details and forward these on to the vet who is on call who will then ring you to organise a visit.

When booking any type of visits, please have your details, your horses details and horses location at the ready. What3Words is really helpful to exactly pin point where we are coming to and can save precious minutes and reduce stress in an emergency.

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